Buy CPC card online

Buy cpc card online, Driver Certificate of Professional Competence ( CPC ) card is issued within 5 days same as any other other category being it car or bike van etc. The card is sometimes called a ‘driver qualification card’ or ‘ DQC ‘ and it is needed by clients who are driving a lorry, bus or coach professionally. Buy CPC card online. We sell clients cpc cards which are registered on the database and as a result of that clients will have no problem going through the police or any authority because the card is recognized by the DVLA. You do not need to take the 35 hours training before getting the Driver Qualification  card because we work in the system and we have a vast experience as a result of helping many clients, Check our testimonials


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Clients do not need to wait for the standard duration of 20 days before getting the Certificate of Competence Card (CPC) card because we work in the system, and we will deliver the card within a period of 5/7 days maximum. Contact us on whatsapp ‘+44 7451 215717 ‘for more information. Our main aim is to insure that we provide the Driver Qualification card to clients who can drive but do not have time to take the test or can have language barriers. In case we provide you with the card and you can not drive, please try to learn.


Lients should have a valid uk car license before we can help them obtain the cpc card for clients who lost their valid car license we will still be able to help them get the CPC  (Certificate of Professional Competence) / DQC (Driver Qualification Card). It should be noted that clients should have their cpc card on them while they drive bus, lorry or carry out training programs. Buy CPC card online. We also provide the Certificate of Professional Competence card to other EU.  countries.