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Driving Licence UK.

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All You Need to Know About Getting a Driving Licence in the UK

The driving licence test in the UK can be tricky, and if you’re not prepared, you could fail your first attempt and have to wait another year to try again. But don’t worry, we’ve got your back! You’ll find everything you need to know about getting your UK driving licence right here, including what documents you need and what kind of car you can get on the road with your provisional licence! Follow these easy steps and you’ll be ready to ace the test in no time at all! and we will even help you get the licence without any test

The theory test
If you’re looking to get your full driving licence you are at the right place as we are here to help you get the licence with the certificates without taking any test, you’ll first need to take and pass your theory test. This is an exam that tests your understanding of traffic laws and road safety—you must score over 75% in order to pass. If you fail, you can retake it once per calendar month. Anyone with an EU or international driving licence can take their theory test. You will be given 50 multiple choice questions on topics such as eyesight, drink-driving limits and speed limits on motorways. There will also be questions about certain types of vehicles including motorbikes, mopeds and cars carrying loads. driving licence uk

The practical test
To take your practical test, you’ll have to be at least 17 years old and have held your provisional licence for at least a year. The test is broken down into two parts: an eyesight test, followed by an on-road test where your instructor will evaluate your driving ability. The on-road part of your practical driving test lasts around 20 minutes. If you have tried a couple of times and failed we are here to help you ok. So you will struggle no more. 

Registering for a theory test
Before you take your theory test, you must apply for it with Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA). And we are here to help you get your valid licence withou going for any test and the licence will be registered. The application will require some personal details, including your name, address and passport number So you will provide us this information so we will be able to help you. Other information that is needed includes: name of current driving licence holder if it is not you; make and model of vehicle driven most regularly; date of birth; contact details for current driving operator and date when job started or changed. Driving licence Uk

Earning your full license
We will help you earn any category driver licence with certificates, we will schedule a driving test with your local department of transportation. To get into a practice test, you’ll need to pass three categories of knowledge tests (passing each one allows you to earn your next licence category). The DSA has guidelines on what counts as an acceptable amount of practice for each type of exam; for example, it says that practicing road signs (which is a part of all three categories) should be done before facing an official exam.

Taking your practical test

Choosing which car you want to learn in